The big bad wolf wants nothing more than to blow houses down and eat piggies up, but try as he might, he can’t blow down houses made of brick. Be the first to build a sturdy house and win the game!

Build, Piggy, Build! - Card Game

SKU: 00860002410005
  • Build, Piggy, Build! is a family-weight game with two components: a custom six-sided die and a deck of 48 cards. Players take turns rolling the die to determine whether or not (and how many) cards can be drawn from the face-down draw pile or the face-up discard pile. Standard cards depict a one of four parts of a house (of which there are five different constructions). The winning five card hand is comprised of one of each of the parts of a house (all the same color) + one "piggy" card.

    Special cards are included to influence gameplay. The "piggy nose" card allows a player to root through the discard pile for a particular card instead of rolling. The "wolf" card can be used to force any player to discard any one card. The "huff-and-puff" card can be used to force an immediate re-roll of the die.

  • Build, Piggy, Build is available for purchase and shipping within the US